Seventh Annual River Gate Science and Engineering FairJanuary 11, 2018, 4-6 pmAwards Ceremony, 7pm
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Support Offered:Mornings from 8:15-8:45, Technology lab available for research/printing/word processing.
Mornings from 8:15-8:45, Art Teacher available for help putting science fair boards together.

Science Fair Links

Science Fair Documents


Here is a great list of ideas, courtesy of Nina Fergusson, Collinswood Elementary.

Click the picture, above, for information on making your science fair board!

Below, is a great guide for making your Science Fair board, courtesy of Nina Fergusson, Collinswood Elementary.


These work great, but a poster board works, too!

Click the picture, below, for tips for science fair success!Science Fair Success.jpg

What a Science Fair Project is:
What a Science Fair Project is NOT:
An ExperimentYour child should come up with a simple question to answer,and then
create an experiment to determine the answer to the question.
A DemonstrationWe're not making volcanoes or models of the solar system forthe River Gate
Science Fair! We want the students to wonder about something and then find
the answers to to their questions!
CreativeUse things you can find around the house, in the refrigerator, or at
the grocery store/Target/Walmart.
ExpensiveThe most we expect you to spend is for the board for the back ground. You
can find them at Target at River Gate or at any Wal-Mart Store for around
$5.00. You can also use a poster board that you fold in thirds. Please let
your child's teacher know if you have difficulty finding or purchasing the board. We can help.
SimpleUse the links above to find a simple, do-able idea. Start talking with
your child now. "Which paper towel brand is strongest?" is simple topic
to answer. The materials are inexpensive, and your child can do the
experiment on his/her own.
StressfulWhile creating two different rocket launchers to test which design works best
IS an experiment and not a demonstration, it's probably not something a fifth
grader can bring to completion on his/her own. Keeping it simple means this
project is about your child and his/her science learning.
ObservableThe question your child comes up with should be
testable and measurable. He/she needs to be able to collect data.
By that we mean, count, measure, or observe a noticeable
change and then record what he/she sees.
UnclearYou should guide your child toward a topic that can be measured. "Which frozen
pizza tastes best?" Is not something that can be measured with any accuracy.
Stick to facts, figures and data.
Your Child's JobYour child should do the bulk of this project without you! You may act
as a mentor by discussing the project and steering your child in the right
direction. You may drive your child to the store for basic supplies like
poster board, but this project should be done by your child.
Your JobAs hard as it is, let your child do this! We will be coaching and mentoring from
school, too. We want 100% success from all of our students.